When you work with Spotlight...

You work with people who are specialists in their field. Just like our Realtors excel at finding homes and negotiating the best price, we also have skilled team members that help seamlessly manage the process from contract to close. There are hundreds of different tasks required to sell your property. With Spotlight, you get a team of specialists to tackle all of them for the same cost you’d pay to hire an average agent or small team.

Founders, Mike Louie & Jennifer Hickey

We at Spotlight Real Estate, believe a Real Estate Firm becomes the best by heavily investing in the right tools, technology and training to help our agents stand out in a crowded marketplace. Spotlight incorporates proven, professional, state of the art techniques to outperform the competition in the marketing, listing, and selling of median and luxury homes, residential communities, homesites, condominiums, undeveloped land, and investment opportunities.  

With competition on the rise, we are working diligently to position ourselves to have lasting success in a changing industry. Spotlight maintains a full-time staff of well trained Real Estate professionals who continually strive to provide top quality service for their individual clients and customers. We face the competition head-on by aligning with the best agents while constantly upgrading the standard of professionalism.  We believe the market will always have a place for expert professional services. 

Instead of just being real estate agents, Spotlight Idaho is a place for marketing experts who sell Real Estate.

Our mission is to create VALUE and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of our real estate clients here in the Treasure Valley, by providing high customer satisfaction levels & committing to overachieving objectives, by continually improving ourselves, the people around us, & our systems and processes.