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Cody Brehm, Custom Homes

Cody Brehm is a 3rd generation builder. He helped Brehm
Custom Homes grow into what it is today. He is always on
site for his projects to assist with any building or design needs
and has been since he was 10 years old. Sweeping, picking
up lumber, learning how a house is built and understanding
the bones of a good built home. Seeing his grandfather and
fathers compassion for building has nurtured his own love for
building and designing today. Corners are never cut with
Brehm Custom Homes. Building homes & building dreams.
Brehm Custom Homes Awards:
2022 Parade winner - all categories in the million+ range
2020 Parade winner - all categories in the $450,00 range

Cody Brehm
Brehm Custom Homes
(208) 308-2858

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