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As an Idaho native, I’ve always found myself to live
adventurously. I’ve spent my adult life always saying
yes at any opportunity. While I wouldn’t recommend
this for everyone, it’s rewarded me with stories that
have allowed me to be the man I am today. From
joining the Marine Corps and traveling all over to
becoming a REALTOR®️, the opportunities have been
a life’s blessing and I can’t wait to share them with
you as your trusted REALTOR®️.
I work in an industry where there’s 10,000 local
agents; you can throw a rock in any direction and
hit a real estate agent. But if you’re looking for an
experience not just a transaction, then look no
further. Not only do you gain a REALTOR®️ you’ll get a
Southern Idaho tour guide, recommendations for
anything you wish to do or try, access to my
database for any type of trade work you’d like to do
on your new home and many more. The best part is
you’ll gain a life long friend. Are you ready to take
that next step? Whether it’s buying, selling,
relocating or investing, see why over 117 families
chose Spotlight Idaho in 2022.

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Ask Eric Holmes


We met Eric at an open house Feb 22. Instantly he welcomed my wife, my mom and I without judgement. We had moved up from the C word 9 months before. I'm a welder who has tattoo's and piercings to give you a better understanding. We had been to a few other open houses where we were never acknowledged or looked down on. Never once with Eric. At this time, we thought we were ready to move but things changed at that time. We had to postpone 3 months. Eric never forgot about us. He reached out and just made sure I was ok before anything else. Finally in July we were ready to buy. Due to rates we were only approved for 320k. This left very little options for us. We found the perfect property 3 weeks after starting our search. Without hesitation he'd drop what he was doing to run out and show me the house. We knew this was it and wanted to submit an offer. This was the first time I've ever bought a house. Eric made the process clear and negotiated us a deal we couldn't pass up on. We walked into our house with 15k equity. We never thought it would be possible to buy, but Eric and Kurt Baugher made the process easy to understand and we got into our first house for $1800 down. Thank you for going above and beyond.

- Joseph Almeida

We knew Eric for years. Feb 21 we sat down and discussed what owning a home would look like. Our family was growing and we were living in a small apartment that didn't meet our needs. After having our daughter Harper, we knew we had grown to fast for our place. I contacted Eric March 2022 to start looking. Rates were raising and home prices were not letting up. Eric introduced us to Kurt who did our loan. The process was much easier than we ever could've thought. We got qualified and Eric never pushed us on spending every dollar. We found a place in Nampa and instantly fell in-love. Eric negotiated the price down and got us credits as well. The total experience cost us $2200 out of pocket and we had a payment we could afford. We love Eric and what he's done for us. We will be using him to list our home and upsize summer of 2024. If you're looking to buy, he is your guy.

- Wetzel Family

I met Eric when he was leaving an open house. We arrived at 4:05 and he was walking out. He without hesitation offered to open all 3 homes up and take us on a tour. We knew we needed to move, we had sold our house the day before to Open Door and needed a home. My wife and I instantly loved Eric and his passion for real estate. My wife and I drove off and said 'he's our agent.' The homes Eric showed me were beautiful but not right. This was Sunday afternoon. By Tuesday afternoon we were in contract with a home he sent us. The process was so smooth. We were pre-approved with a nation wide lender. After Eric educated us and our options, he introduced us to Kurt Baugher. Kurt was able to get me a better rate and less money down. The process was perfect. He brought us boxes for our move, he coordinated the move and utilities and when we arrived at our new home, there was a welcome gift that not only focused on me, but my wife and kids. Including temporary utensils until we unpack and can find ours. Will be using him for family and future upgrades. Thank you Eric.

- Adam