Eric Holmes

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Spotlight Real Estate

9601 W. State St.
Garden City, ID 83714


As an Idaho native, I’ve always found myself to live
adventurously. I’ve spent my adult life always saying
yes at any opportunity. While I wouldn’t recommend
this for everyone, it’s rewarded me with stories that
have allowed me to be the man I am today. From
joining the Marine Corps and traveling all over to
becoming a REALTOR®️, the opportunities have been
a life’s blessing and I can’t wait to share them with
you as your trusted REALTOR®️.
I work in an industry where there’s 10,000 local
agents; you can throw a rock in any direction and
hit a real estate agent. But if you’re looking for an
experience not just a transaction, then look no
further. Not only do you gain a REALTOR®️ you’ll get a
Southern Idaho tour guide, recommendations for
anything you wish to do or try, access to my
database for any type of trade work you’d like to do
on your new home and many more. The best part is
you’ll gain a life long friend. Are you ready to take
that next step? Whether it’s buying, selling,
relocating or investing, see why over 117 families
chose Spotlight Idaho in 2022.

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